28 May 2010

Daily Digest, 28.05.2010

MIT student Tristan Jehan's Python script that takes the beat of any song and makes it swing. Examples at the linked site include "Every Breath You Take" and (my old-guy fave) "White Rabbit." I want this script.  Can't wait to apply it to Wagner, Puccini, and Schubert.

At h-madness, Laura Stokes reviews the exhibition catalogue Madness and Modernity: Mental Illness and the Visual Arts in Vienna 1900. Sounds to me as if the exhibition overlooked more than it included.

A must-read by Dan Cohen: "Open Access Publishing and Scholarly Values."  You'll be hearing a lot more on this topic from me.

"Neurology at the Opera," a new article in Frontiers of Neurological Neuroscience. Behind a paywall ($25 for a 10-page pdf from Karger), so I can't read it.  Let me know if it's any good.

"The 50 Worst Inventions of All Time" in Time, from Agent Orange to Clippy, by way of Subprime Mortgages, Farmville, Hair-in-a-Can, Autotune, the Ford Pinto, Pop-Up Ads, Plastic Grocery Bags, and many more.
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