12 June 2010

Annals of Human Ingenuity

From Thomas Haller Buchanan at The Pictorial Arts (by way of Boing Boing):

Buchanan explains:
This rosewood bed, encrusted with silver and the figures made of bronze, was created for Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan Abbasi V of Bahawalpur in 1883. The four figures at the corners represent women of France, Spain, Italy and Greece. With clever mechanisms, the statues were able to wink and wave fans and fly whisks [....]

To add to its other attributes, the bed was fitted with a music box that played a thirty minute interlude from Gounod's Faust, activated by a button.
Good to know that the Khan was an opera lover.

And in the category of instantiated puns, we have (also via Boing Boing):

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