17 June 2010

Cats and Blogs, part 2

Unfortunately, even as I was preparing yesterday's cat post, the most important cat event of the day was taking place: the live streaming of Devo's Something for Everybody Cat Listening Party, during which Devo's new album, which was released yesterday, was played to a room full of cats.

Fortunately, the videos are available online.

So this gives me the excuse to post photos of a few more cats that I neglected unjustly yesterday.

Taffy, aka "The Taffinator," who lives with my adult student Carol and her family:

Figaro, who lives with Robin and his family:

And another picture of my sister's cat Hermione, here justifiably admiring herself in a mirror:

And a picture I meant to include yesterday, but forgot; a statue of Behemoth, from Bulgakov's Master and Margarita, on a wall in Kiev.

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