15 June 2010

Cats and Blogs

As we all know, the fast, secure, and uninterrupted distribution of cute kitty pictures is the core function of the Internet, predating even its function as the principal conduit for porn. The recognition of the crucial social bonding function of kitty stories (at that time still text-based) during times of national emergency was one of the most important motivations behind the original development of ARPANET. Sir Tim Berners-Lee has acknowledged that the "Eureka" moment in his invention of the Web was his realization in 1989 that his colleagues at CERN really really needed to see a really cute picture of Dinah sleeping on his terminal keyboard. Even the Queen, normally a stern Corgi stalwart, was overheard to whisper to Sir Tim, as she laid the sword of knighthood upon his shoulder in 2004, "that was soooooo cute!" Berners-Lee went on in early 1990 to invent the CatCam, thus laying claim as the true inventor of the "webcam," a distinction long unjustly accorded the Trojan Room coffee pot.

Cats continue to be the most important driving force behind new technologies. Using the fortune he made from his famous invention, the Kurzweil Meowmaster, a device for translating Felinese into any one of 157 world languages, Ray Kurzweil has established a research institute in Wellesley, where the best and brightest of today's young scientists are kept busy 24/7 working toward what Kurzweil has called "The Felix Point," when all the world's kitties, past and present, will become digitally immortal, which means they will live forever (or until the heat death of the Universe, whichever comes first).

And of course we're all eagerly awaiting the long rumored iCat from Apple.

In other cat news:

A kitten with two faces is born in South Carolina:

Because I'm spending this week sitting cats, the Mighty Zeus and the elegant Miss Lucy, I dedicate this post to them.

Lucy and Zeus in their native habitat (the home of the lovely K):

And finally so they won't feel unjustly neglected, here are pictures of some other important cats of my acquaintance. (Are there any unimportant cats? And can a cat ever be justly neglected? Seems self-contradictory.):

Kayla (who lives with my friends Dr. Mike and Ani)

And Hermione (who lives with my sister)

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  1. As I said when I shared this post on Facebook, "cats rock!"