06 June 2010

Closed Access Summary, 28 May to 5 June 2010

I have now been posting to this blog for 10 days. If you've been following my blog closely so far, you'll know that one of my hobbyhorses has been what I will call "Closed Access," by which I mean the absurdly and prohibitively high prices that publishers of scientific and scholarly journals charge those without an affiliation to a subscribing institution for access to the pdf of a single article. These prices in effect make it impossible for anyone without such an institutional affiliation to do research in the way that their affiliated colleagues are able to do.  I have written at length about this issue in a separate post, and I will continue to try to give as much publicity as possible to this unconscionable practice (unconscionable in part because of the degree to which the published research is publicly funded, both in the U.S. and elsewhere).

During the first 9 days of posting to this blog, I have discussed and linked to 10 articles behind paywalls, in 10 different journals. The total cost of these articles, had I downloaded them, would have been $287.40.  The prices ranged from $10.00 (an outlier) to $34.00, with an average of $28.74.  I would have downloaded and read all of these articles, and perhaps reported on them here at more length, had I been able to acquire them.  But the total cost is only slightly less than my total income for the same period.

The articles and prices are listed below.  I plan to publish similar tables weekly.

28.05.2010 "Neurology at the Opera," Frontiers of Neurological Science $25.00
29.05.2010 "The Scientific Impotence Excuse," Journal of Applied Social Psychology $29.95
31.05.2010 "Cerebral Localization of Functions and the Neurology of Language," The Neuroscientist $32.00
31.05.2010 "Mozart effect-Schmozart effect: A meta-analysis," Intelligence $31.50
01.06.2010 "Sexual Dimorphism in Chin Shape: Implications for Adaptive Hypotheses," American Journal of Physical Anthropology $29.95
02.06.2010 "Early Hominin Diet Included Diverse Terrestrial and Acquatic Animals 1.95 Ma in East Turkana, Kenya," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences $10.00
02.06.2010 "Do Bonobos say NO by Shaking Their Head?," Primates $34.00
03.06.2010 "Cemented Ash as a Receptacle or Work Surface for Ochre Powder Production at Sibudu, South Africa, 58,000 Years Ago," Journal of Archaeological Science $31.50
03.06.2010 "Abraham’s Children in the Genome Era: Major Jewish Diaspora Populations Comprise Distinct Genetic Clusters with Shared Middle Easter Ancestry," American Journal of Human Genetics $31.50
05.06.2010 "Association of the Anxiogenic and Alerting Effects of Caffeine with ADORA2A and ADORA1 Polymorphisms and Habitual Level of Caffeine Consumption," Neuropsychopharmacology $32.00

Total: $287.40
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