13 June 2010

Closed Access Summary, 6 to 13 June 2010

"Closed Access" is the nearly universal practice among publishers of scientific and scholarly journals of charging prohibitively high prices for electronic access to single copies of the articles they publish: the dreaded "paywall." For more on the concept of "Closed Access," in the context of my personal experience as a scholar without a current institutional affiliation, see my post from 6 June 2010.

The big news of the week is the threatened boycott by the University of California system of the Nature Publishing Group for proposing next year to quadruple the rate it charges the UC systems for subscriptions and licenses to its journals. I mentioned this story when it first broke this past Wednesday (9 June). In the meantime there have been a number of stories and developments which I will report on tomorrow.

Here is the summary of articles that I have referred to this week that are behind paywalls. This week, in addition to the date, title, journal, and price, I also list the publisher or distributor of the electronic version of each article, in order to begin to develop an idea of the various pricing strategies.

07.06.2010 "Reversal of hippocampal neuronal maturation by serotogenic antidepressants," PNAS PNAS $10.00
09.06.2010 "Age-related multi-year associations in female humpback whales," Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology Springer $34.00

"Are snake populations in widespread decline?," Biology Letters Royal Society Publishing $33.00

"Comparative safety of antidepressant agents for children and adolescents regarding suicidal acts," Pediatrics Pediatrics $12.00

"The genome-wide structure of the Jewish people," Nature Nature Publishing Group $32.00

"Direct Recordings of Pitch Responses from Human Auditory Cortex," Current Biology ScienceDirect $31.50
10.06.2010 "Is criminal behavior a central component of psychopathy? Conceptual directions for resolving the debate," Psychological Assessement APA PscyNET $11.95

"Scientific Publishing: A Chilling Effect," Science Science $15.00

"Male genital representation in paleolithic art: erection and circumcision before history," Urology Elsevier $31.50
11.06.2010 "Leonardo da Vinci, the founding father of ichnology," PALAIOS SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology $15.00

"Testosterone decreases trust in socially naïve humans," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences PNAS $10.00

"New evidence for a 67,000-year-old human presence at Callao Cave, Luzon, Philippines,"Journal of Human Evolution ScienceDirect $19.95
13.06.2010 "Altered connections on the road to psychopathy," Molecular Psychiatry Nature Publishing Group $32.00

"Ancient ocean on Mars supported by global distribution of deltas and valleys," Nature Geoscience Nature Publishing Group $18.00

 Total: $305.90

 Cumulative Total: $593.30

There are 14 items this week from 10 different publishers or distributors. The mean is lower than last week:  $21.85, as opposed to $28.74.

The cumulative total for 24 articles from 28 May to 13 June 200 is $593.30, with a mean price per pdf of $24.72.

Several of the articles that I've referred to have been published online in advance of print publication, and not all of these have final page counts. It would be interesting, however, to begin to track the cost per page of those that do have final page counts, and I may begin to do this.

I have been referring in my posts to Open Access articles whenever I run across them, and there have been a few.  However, I was mistaken about one set of articles. The colloquium papers in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, "In the light of evolution IV: The human condition,"  are not free for download. One can only read the papers for free online. However, one must pay to download the pdfs.
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