07 June 2010

Comments Test Post

Comments for this blog do not seem to be working properly for some people (including me).  In fact, the only successful commenter so far has been Martin (hi Martin!).

This is a test post for troubleshooting the problem. If you have any suggestions for a fix, let me know....preferably by e-mail.
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  1. I'm making a comment now....Let's see if it works.

  2. It also works anonymously

  3. Trying a suggestion just made by someone at the Blogger Help Forum.

  4. That fixed it!

    So, the answer for me was (and this may apply to some of the rest of you who use Firefox): in order to be able to contribute comments to blogs, you must have "Accept third party cookies" enabled in the "Privacy" panel of Firefox Preferences.

    Who knew? I would suppose that this must have something to do with how the "Comment as:" widget works in Blogger. Thanks to the otherwise unidentified bkford at the Help Forum.

  5. Or, you could just use a webkit browser such as Safari or Chrome;)

  6. Well, yes. But then no Zotero and no ScribeFire (which is still imperfect, to be sure).

    I gave Chrome another quick try the other day, but it doesn't grab me. Not yet, anyway.