15 June 2010

Flashblock for Firefox

Last night, Dr. Mike told me about Flashblock, an add-on for Firefox that blocks Flash elements on web pages, allowing you selectively to run those you actually want to see.  It does the same job that the beloved ClickToFlash does in Safari.

After a Firefox crash last night, almost certainly Flash related (my browser crashes are nearly always Flash related), which came at the end of a day in which I continually ran into otiose Flash warning screens when opening webpage "Snapshots" in Zotero, and then this morning dealing with a dreadful "melting and dripping" Flash ad at the top of the ScienceDaily page that was nearly impossible to turn off (hitting "Close" either reset the ad animation, or took me to the page of the advertised product), it was a relief and delight to install Flashblock.

It works.  Get it.  The only downside is that it blocks linked videos in my blog posts.  But I can live with that.  All you have to do is click on them, and they'll load.
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