08 June 2010

Miller-McCune series on the DSM-V

Arnie Cooper at Miller-McCune Online completes his excellent series of three articles on the controversy over the DSM-V (the major revision, in progress, of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). The three parts of the series are:
  1. Infallibility and Psychiatry's Bible (25 May)
  2. Who Benefits? DSM Conflicts of Interest (3 June)
  3. Are You Normal or Finally Diagnosed? (8 June)
The draft of the DSM-V is openly available for perusal and comment online. There has been a flood of articles on this topic over the past few months, and I'll be tracking at least some aspects of the debate here. Anyone involved with psychiatric diagnosis and treatment, either as a provider or patient, should be following and participating in the discussion. I am particularly concerned with the issue of collusion and conflict of interest among drug companies and doctors.  If you're not acquainted with the issues (or even if you think you are), Cooper's series is a good place to start.

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