10 June 2010

World Cup

I don't watch TV.  I can't even remember the last time I turned it on: was it for Obama's inauguration?  But even then, only for 15 minutes. Oh, sure, I cheat a little sometimes:  I'll watch part of a Red Sox game on a TV when I'm cat-sitting Zeus and Lucy, or I'll catch up with recent Simpsons episodes on Hulu. But basically, I live in a non-televised world.

But I hear rumors that there is some kind of "World Cup" that is about to start? A group of "foodball" matches, or something?

At any rate, I'm trying to educate myself about this. Others in my situation may find the following links helpful:

"The Rules of the Game," The Paris Review Daily (well, what other clever headline did you think they were going to use?).

And (a first for this blog), a link to the WSJ:  John Heilpern's review of the collection "Soccer and Philosophy," edited by Ted Richards.

Heilpern begins his review with a reference to the Monty Python sketch in which German philosophers meet the Greeks in a football match. I hadn't seen it.  Here it is:

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