08 July 2010


While walking down to Staples to photocopy Beethoven op. 109 (because it is high time to relearn it, because it is, after all, the best sonata), I was torn between listening on the iPod to Horowitz playing the Schumann Fantasy in Carnegie Hall in 1946 (from "The Private Collection") or the rest of Mingus's Town Hall Concert from October 1962.  Went with the latter (an extraordinary recording).

The Mingus concert finished just as I reached the last page of op. 109 on the photocopier, so I switched over to The Best of the Gipsy Kings while strolling over to Droubi Brothers (where, alas, they had none of the perfect apricots that they had earlier in the week, but I consoled myself with plums and a watermelon).  Was still listening to the Gipsy Kings as I turned toward home, when suddenly I found a brass quintet from the Boston Pops playing Renaissance music in the park. So I sat and listened to that for a while.

When I got up to go, the Gipsy Kings didn't seem quite the right thing to follow Renaissance brass.  So I went with Sam Cooke.

Eclecticism is a wonderful thing.

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