18 September 2010

Consumer Schubert

I'm about to head over to the Atrium Mall on Route 9 (the one with the Borders) to accompany Maria Termini in a short program of Schubert songs. Here's our set list:
1. Heidenröslein

2. Frühlingsglaube

3. Wanderers Nachtlied

4. Ständchen

5. Lob der Tränen

6. Lied der Mignon

7. Du bist die Ruh

8. Gretchen am Spinnrade

9. Ave Maria
Pretty much a "greatest hits," as you can see. 

But it has been a great pleasure to revisit these songs, to work on them in a more serious way than I have in the past, and to coach them.  As hackneyed as some of them may seem, they are all rich and perfect jewels, in which every note counts (which makes them difficult to play well).

The set is short, and we may repeat a couple (we are, after all, providing background music for shopping).

Doing our part to promote consumerism and the economic recovery.

It's not doing much for my economic recovery, unfortunately, as they're not paying us and we're not allowed to take tips.  So I probably won't be doing much shopping myself.

But it should be fun anyway.
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