11 September 2010

Gelesen, 2010.09.11

Gelesen am Samstag

For some reason, everything I felt like reading this morning was in German....

Andrea Köhler at NZZ Online profiles Glenn Beck, in the aptly titled "Amerikas Angst-Unternehmer."

The Frankfurter Rundschau reviews a staging in Hannover by Benedikt von Peter of Luigi Nono's Intolleranza 1960.

And all the German papers report today (I suppose the American ones do to, but I haven't looked) that Sofia Coppola has won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival for her film Somewhere. See for example the report at FAZ.NET.


die Mär
sich gerieren
der Einpeitscher
der Popanz (Glenn Beck)
überschwänglich (Sofia Coppola)
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