07 September 2010

Listening in Roslindale

When I posted the first "Listening in Roslindale" on 22 July, I had the intention of continuing with similar posts every week or so.  That didn't happen (but I'm still hoping).

Here, then, is a non-exhaustive list of some of what I've been listening to since then:

•Charlie Haden and Hank Jones, Steal Away. A lovely album.

•Sam Cooke’s SAR Records Story (completed)

•Don Giovanni, Glyndebourne, 23 July 2010 (streamed live via medici.tv; I intended to review this here, and had quite a lot to say about it...would it still be worth it?)

•Frank Zappa, Hot Rats. A nostalgia trip for me. One of my favorite albums in high school.

•Arvo Pärt, De Profundis, Theatre of Voices, Paul Hillier. I wish I found this more interesting.

•The Rough Guide to Fado.  An excellent sampler.

•Mieczysław Horszowski, Live at Wigmore Hall, 4 June 1991, just a few months before the final performance of his career, in Philadelphia, October 1991.  Very touching.

•Charlie Christian, At Minton’s Playhouse (1941). The earliest recordings of Thelonious Monk, who was house pianist at Minton’s at the time.

•Monk Alone: The Complete Columbia Solo Studio Recordings: 1962–1968. If you’re still under the ridiculous misapprehension that Monk “couldn’t play the piano,” this would be an excellent corrective.  If you still think so after listening to it, then you should have your ears checked.

•Mel Tormé, The Best of the Concord Years, with lots of George Shearing, who was a superb vocal accompanist.

•The Heart and Soul of Joe Williams and George Shearing,  Perhaps not Williams’s best singing, and a rather silly idea for an album (all the titles include either “heart” or “soul”). But Shearing is wonderful.

•Piano Blues: The Essential (2 CDs, Classic Blues, CBL 200004).  Lots and lots of old piano blues, with no documentation of dates or places.

•Blind Boy Fuller, Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, vol. 1, 23 Sep 1935 to 29 Apr 1936.  Keep on truckin'...

•The Art Tatum Solo Masterpieces, vol. 6

•Negro Work Songs and Calls (The Library of Congress Archive of Folk Culture). Anyone who thinks that music evolved principally through sexual selection needs to listen to this.

In the queue:  lots of Schubert lieder (I'm accompanying a short program of Schubert Lieder on 18 September)
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