06 October 2010

New "Writings" and "Projects" pages

I'd like to point my readers toward two new "static" pages (the ones with the links across the top of the page).

"Writings" contains a list of:
  • All my published writings in musicology, with links to pdfs whenever I have them;
  • A list of my "magnificent torsos" in musicology (that is, substantial projects that exist in some more or less advanced state, but have never been published for one reason or another, usually because I was either so overworked at that there was not time, or because I was unemployed and broke);
  • Links to posts in the major series on this blog, Confessions of a Recovering Musicologist and Reflections on Life with BDD;
  • Links to other substantial original posts on this blog.
"Projects" contains brief descriptions of my main areas of current research and writing.
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