31 July 2010

Daily Digest, 2010.07.30

Friday: Manning linked to leaked Afghan war documents; U.S. ranks with Kyrgyzstan in broadband speeds; part 3 of "What Makes Humans Unique?"; more on Schiele's "Portrait of Wally"; more on the "Ansel Adams" negatives; reviews of Lohengrin at Bayreuth and the premiere of Rihm's Dionysos in Salzburg; the 100 best long-form magazine articles ever; books that oughta be in the canon.
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30 July 2010

Daily Digest, 2010.07.29

Thursday: Where did the money to rebuild Iraq go? (Nobody knows...); world population; the heirs of Baron Herzog sue Hungary for the return of his art collection; data-mining your future actions; DOJ wants wider uses of NSLs; most software firms are anti-patent; a clarification of the new DRM video exemption (not as wide as it should be); new models for academic book publishing in the digital age; free stuff; a review of Menand, The Marketplace of Ideas; more on coupling brains; Antisocial Personality Disorder or Psychopathy (decisions, decisions...); Zimmer tells all about "Inception" score.
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29 July 2010

Daily Digest, 2010.07.28

Wednesday: ASCAP boss refuses to debate Lessig—claims it is an attempt to "silence" him (???); British Library wonders if copyright is hindering research; music publishers, deeply fearing their own obsolescence, demand that musicians hand over even more rights; House hearing on public access to federally-funded research; Open Scholar; the NOAA's "State of the Climate 2009"; Condoleezza plays Mozart and Aretha sings Puccini (and, allegedly, Gluck); Piaf stretched, sliced, and diced in the score of Inception; Nimoy's first solo show; Justin E. H. Smith on "Eastern and postcolonial" philosophy; copy[-]editing; Chewbacca fights Nazis while riding giant mutant squirrel.
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28 July 2010

Daily Digest, 2010.07.27

Tuesday: more on the Afghan war documents at Wikileaks; film industry thrives while being "decimated" by file sharing; copies v copyrights; more on the new DCMA exemptions; romantic breakups are (literally) like cocaine addiction in the brain; the benefits of perceptual training in older adults; "What Makes Humans Unique? (II)"; PubMed hits 20 million records; weird fauna of the Ediacaran; an interview with Margaret Atwood; Kent Anderson on Clay Shirky's new book; review of a new book by Joseph Margolis; the music of Mieczysław Weinberg; updates on: Hollman Morris's visa, the "new" Caravaggio, and the bogus BitTorrent study; Primer now (well, not quite yet) available free at Google Video; La Règle du jeu (the site, not the film).
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27 July 2010

Daily Digest, 2010.07.26

Monday: 92,000 documents on the Afghan war, at Wikileaks; Mary Churchill on what happens after tenure disappears; does Facebook disallow the word "Palestinian" in page titles?; Facebook may now allow account deletion (or not); using eBay for archival research; the 5th Circuit says breaking DRM okay if not done for illegal purposes; why does the press swallow the "studies" put out by the entertainment industry?; copyright begins to eat its own tail (the case of player-piano rolls); how can Mucha be under copyright?; is print now an "elite" medium?; science and free will; preachers who don't believe; Liberman on Lera; Bolles reviews Fitch (continued); xkcd on period speech; the intelligent octopus; horses and human social cues; "sex week" at The Loom; gay Lutheran pastors; a musical of Animal Farm? (noooooo!); Alex Higgins dies.

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26 July 2010

Weekend Roundup, 24 to 25 July 2010

This Weekend: a biography of Ernst Gellner; Interview with the Copy Editor; Lara (um, I mean Lera) in the WSJ; Benzon rethinks memes; even earlier examples of obscenicons; Razib Khan roasted over coals; a review of Crazy Like Us; the evolution of the human brain; the evolution of madness; watching gene transcription in action; dates in R explained; the musicology job market; a pop opera quiz; iPhone users just love AT&T....no, really (a survey says so, so it must be true).
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