21 August 2010

Daily Digest, 2010.08.20

Friday: Should we be interested in "saving" any industry?; Darnton reviews Lewis Hyde's Common as Air; a slidecast on Open Access; the importance of P vs NP; a new science blogs meta-aggregator; Big Think; the charlatan behind the western approach to acupuncture; radioactive boars are a real problem; how a "dead" gene causes a form of muscular dystrophy; the science of the root beer float; the relative contribution of genes and environment to schizophrenia; why meanings must be fuzzy; Jane Austen's punctuation; Jewish Life in Argentina (an exhibition); "Explaining Religion" (a conference); what did Classical sculptures look like painted?; scams in the art market; the 10 best sci-fi films (a debate); The Year's Work in Lebowski Studies; "I am the Knave, man"; CleanHaven; web site advice for arts organizations.
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20 August 2010

Daily Digest, 2010.08.19

Thursday: new details on the Hauser affair; nothing has changed; Atran on suicide bombers (and other violent extremists); the Savory collection and the high cost of copyright; using antitrust law to combat the excesses of IP?; how 10 powerful technology companies got that way; fMRI analysis in 1000 words; the neurobiology of math; small number representation across species; how do idea mongers get their ideas? (hint: it isn't genius); cooperative breeding and monogamy; a new blog on the evolution of culture; the importance of economics for historians; the wittily naughty films of Ernst Lubitsch; a new initiative for arts education.
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19 August 2010

Daily Digest, 2010.08.18

Wednesday: embarrassing states; sentences you won't see in English; are minds like computers or search engines?; successful psychopaths; developmental dyscalculia, continued; Cleese on creativity; the autobiographical self; the correlation of chimpanzee genes and culture; the world's oldest animal?; more on the Savory collection of jazz recordings; a night-club map of Harlem from the early 1930s; Stephen Hough on vibrato in orchestral string playing; Hillier strikes back; Clouzot's Inferno; the death of Frank Kermode.
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18 August 2010

Daily Digest, 2010.08.17

Tuesday: The Web is dying; long live the app-fueled Internet; (but don't trust the graph on which this assessment is based); more on developmental dyscalculia; humans on Vanuatu drove giant horned turtle to extinction; the Savory collection goes to the National Jazz Museum; Alex Ross's new book is put to bed; "Portrait of Wally" returns to Vienna.
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16 August 2010

Daily Digest, 2010.08.16

Monday: No, actually plagiarism is a big moral deal; Marc Hauser and the politics of peer review; the insanity of music licensing; why I have no money; maternal and paternal gene imprinting in brain development; the understanding of human social cues by domesticated fox pups; a series on the evolution of color categories; a series on developmental dyscalculia; the memetics of bird song; Paul Hillier arrested for failure to pay child support; a review of the exhibition "Music in Occupied Poland"; a review of Die Violine von Auschwitz; Alex Ross visits Rachmaninov's grave.
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15 August 2010

Weekend Roundup, 13 to 15 August 2010

This Weekend: More on Marc Hauser; artificial swarm intelligence; the decline of friendship in America; Ruse remembers Hull; disgust as the root of moral sentiment; doubts on the "Ansel Adams" negatives; art as war booty; more candidates for Worst Recording Ever Made (and a scientifically created "Most Unwanted Song"); Watteau saved from oblivion by engravers; a painting prodigy; a documentary on Nazi "documentary" footage of the Warsaw ghetto; Talese on Sinatra; home experiments in cat cognition.
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